Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the distance from the end of the barrel shoulder to the front of the upper receiver/hand guard and the distance from the center of the bore to the inside surface of the upper receiver/hand guard?
A. The distance from where the barrel shoulder is to the upper receiver/hand guard for the 308 is 1.625” for the 16" barrel, and for the 20" barrel it is 5.625”.  The center of the barrel to the inside wall of the upper receiver/hand guard is .600.  For the 556 version the barrel shoulder to the upper receiver/hand guard for the is 2.750”

Q. Which suppressors will fit within the upper receiver/hand guard?
A. None of them, the distance is too close.

Q. Can I get a different length barrel, heavy profile, or fluted barrel other than what you offer?
A. Sorry but NO we do not do custom length barrel options.

Q. What is the lead time for delivery if I purchase today?
A. Current lead times are listed on the ordering page and may change depending on demand.  This time frame listed is correct.

Q. How do I purchase a rifle?
A. Currently all sales are direct and we will ship to your FFL of choice. Or your FFL can contact us for dealer pricing.

Q. I am in Canada, how do I purchase one of your rifles. 
A. All sales will be done through your local gun shop.  Have them contact IRG for dealer pricing as all sales and imports will go through them.

Q. Do the barrels come threaded?
A. Yes, the 556 version come ½-28 standard AR-15 thread.  The 308 version come 5/8-24 standard AR-10 thread.  So any muzzle devise with this thread size and pitch will work.

Q. Do you offer any caliber conversions or other calibers not listed on the website?
A. Sorry but NO, we are only offering what is listed on the website.

Q. Is the barrel free floated or can it be made to?
A. No, the barrel is fastened at the barrel extension and the gas block.

Q. Why do you not offer colors?
A. When we first started shipping the 308 version we offered a green and bronze color other than black.  We had several issues with the anodize house not being able to match colors or even get the shade right.  There were even 10 shades different in parts once.  So the real only option for color other than black is to have us send you the parts to have your local paint guy paint the parts how you want and send them back so we can final assemble the rifle.

Q. Do you offer any other pistol grips or muzzle devices for purchase at time of order.
A. Sorry but NO.  We will however install any muzzle device or pistol grip that you send us and will install at no charge.  The pistol grip must not have the beaver tail in order to install.

Q. Do you ship in a case or a box?
A. All shipments are done in a box.

Q. Do you offer lay away plans?
A. Sorry no we do not.  However, as long as we are in a back order state you can make the initial deposit and then send monthly payments at whatever amount you want.  Then when final payment is due you will have 30 days to make final payment arrangements.  After 30 days a $50 a month late payment fee will be added to your final payment.  After 90 days of non-payment all funds will be forfeited and the rifle will be sold to the next person in line.

Q. Do you have blemished models you sell?
A. Sorry we do not.

Q. Why does your 556 model have a 17.5” long barrel and not a 16” barrel?  Don’t you want it to be as short as possible?
A. There are 2 federal requirements that must be met in order to not be classified as a short barrel rifle (SBR) 1st is that it must have a barrel length greater or equal to 16”. 2nd is that the overall length (OAL) must be greater or equal to 26”.  In this platform the 17.5” barrel makes the OAL 26.25”  Thus meeting all the federal requirements so it is not classified as a SBR.



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